Homemade Oreo Chocolate Smoothie

My govern for sound formulas is it needs to taste undesirable like this Light Oreo Smoothie does. It genuinely possesses a flavor like an Oreo Milkshake. Oreo Shakes are the best coincidentally. It is the best govern I could have ever thought of. I don’t care to know I am on the “great foot” while expending nourishment. I need to feel like I am reveling and getting a charge out of life at all circumstances. On the off chance that I have an inclination that I am denying myself, I promptly need to stop and eat a bowl of full fat frozen yogurt.


It’s simply the way I’m constructed. I experienced childhood in a home where broiled chicken, prepared macaroni and cheddar, scones, cornbread and pound cakes ruled. We additionally ate solid sorbets, heated chicken and fish and loads of vegetables however I never felt like these dishes weren’t as great (or some of the time better) than the dishes loaded with more calories, fat and carbs.


Through the span of the following month, I will share more beneficial treat and prepared things that every one of you can appreciate without the blame. Be that as it may, they will help you to remember all the unfortunate flavors we as a whole have come to love. I am beginning with this light oreo smoothie (oreo milkshake maybe) in light of the fact that it is easy to make, loaded with oreo chocolate enhance, and simply the correct approach to kick your sound January off right! So tail me along on another way to sound however don’t stress, there will be a lot of calorie loaded formulas waiting to be addressed for this present year also.






1 solidified medium estimated banana cut in cuts


¼ container vanilla greek yogurt


½-container drain (I generally utilize coconut drain)


½ teaspoon sweetener (discretionary)


2 Oreo treats or other chocolate sandwich treats in addition to more disintegrates to embellish the top




Mix solidified banana, yogurt, drain and sweetener to your blender and mix until smooth.


In conclusion include Oreos and mix for a few moments until it is hacked and blended through.


Pour blend in glasses, embellish with treat disintegrates and serve.


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